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What is CBD

What is CBD

Dispelling the myth and raising awareness.

List of Ailments

CBD has an incredible ability to affect entire spectrums of disorders, diseases, and cancers. The amount of untapped potential for this molecule is astounding. Below is a list of ailments, that CBD can benefit, that we have enough evidence for. Unfortunately, there is so much information out there and we want to make sure to get you quality research and sourced materials.


Making your selection

There are hundreds of brands out there. All of them making different, sometimes ridiculous claims. We like to base our reviews and analysis in facts. Whether you agree with our rating system or not, please educate yourself before making a decision.

Our rating system

Below is a quick explanation of our rating system. Transparency, user experience, ethical pricing, and educational content. We believe this to be the effective guidelines in making your choice.


Brand's have a responsibility to be forward with their product's information, dosage, and results for impurities.

User Experience

How does the product taste? How is navigating the website? Does their credit card processor work? Customer service? We take a look at this for you

Ethical Pricing

Many companies tend to grossly overcharge, using the shaky science or lack of information. .


Companies who supply high quality, educational content rate highly here.