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CBD and Fibromyalgia

September 13, 2017 2 Comments

CBD and Fibromyalgia


Fibromyalgia is not only difficult to spell, it is a beast of a disorder. Leaving people in pain for hours and hours, affecting every aspect of their daily lives. Fibro is a disorder that currently has no cure on the market. It is also a disorder that has no known cause, leaving people exposed to painful days and painful nights. With no cure in the foreseeable future, people have no choice but to try the drugs prescribed to them. This can be a killer cocktail of prescription pills that can lead to some pretty drastic side effects. With CBD becoming more prevalent in the medicinal market people have begun to try this new, natural alternative.  

The people that experience Fibromyalgia understand the effect it can have on a person's life. The pain associated with Fibro has been compared to a sharp stabbing and burning sensation in your muscles, leaving muscles fatigued even when strenuous activity has not been endured. It does not stop there. Other symptoms can include mood swings, memory loss, and even depression. Fibro leaves the joints tender and can turn them into “trigger points”. In other terms, a high volume of “hyperactive” pain neurons mixed with a low volume of “underactive” pain prevention neurons makes for a deadly combo. With the “volume” of the pain neurons being turned up, it does not allow for the body to process the pain correctly. This constant pain makes it hard to enjoy life. Being in constant pain is something no one should have to deal with. With that being said, we live in a time where we can make more natural choices that will give us a greater return.

CBD has been getting serious traction on the world wide web. CBD is the natural alternative to prescription pills. 1 of 113 natural chemical compounds found in the marijuana plant, CBD has all the positive traits of THC without the “high”. Presently, you may have heard that CBD heals everything from cancer to bankruptcy. Some claims may be far fetched while others are just a little misguided. What makes CBD so beneficial to the body is something called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS has receptors located throughout all of our bodies. They are located in our central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, brain, reproductive system, and most organs in our bodies.  CBD acts as a key unlocking these receptors. Unlocking these receptors is crucial to gaining homeostasis. Homeostasis is basically the body’s ability to find internal stability. Once the body is in homeostasis it allows the body to heal itself from the inside out. As there is no cure for Fibro it will lessen the degree of pain a person is feeling. It can also prevent future “trigger points” from forming.

With so much information out there we try to condense it into a easy to understand blog. We understand this may be brand new to you but that’s the point. CBD is going to change the world we live in. CBD will become the natural alternative we have been searching for. It may not make all the pain disappear but it will push us into the pathway of natural remedies that don’t turn us into drug stupers who need Flexeril to fall asleep.

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December 12, 2017

Aiden Lucas
I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia for 3 years, and it was very painful some days. I was taken methocarbamol to relieve the pain. Sometimes it helps and other days it doesn’t. it was killing me for 3 years, doctor said there was no cure. So I tried to live with it and it wasn’t easy.My childhood friend introduced me to Dr George (Good health herbs home),Dr George fibromyalgia herbal remedy cured me within 6 weeks of usage ,am fibromyalgia free now 100%


September 14, 2017

I’m one of those people that had no clue what was wrong and doctors either ignored me or blamed it on anxiety. They didn’t listen to me. Most of my anxiety is centered around the pain. Finally a doctor did listen. The only problem was all she could offer was physical therapy and prescription drugs. I tried PT which helped but not much. No way was I taking the prescriptions.
I learned to manage with proper self care, diet and meditation. It was not always enough.
I was smoking marijuana but anyone with anxiety can tell you that sometimes that brings more anxiety. Typically I would smoke before bed to help get sleep.
Finally I got a doctors recommendation for medical marijuana. Relief! CBD has changed my life. With regular daily dosing I have less pain and less anxiety. The best part is I don’t feel high so my anxiety stays under control. There’s nothing wrong with that high feeling but for me personally at this point in myself there are times where it is not needed. CBD is amazing and I encourage anyone dealing with fibromyalgia to try it. Make sure you true a lab tested brand like Triniti.

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