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August 17, 2017 1 Comment



The reality of traumatic events can take a heavy toll on the people that experience them.Whether it be sexual abuse, military combat, or even disturbing episodes. CBD and PTSD, PTSD, CBD spreading The repercussions can attack a human mind on all fronts. Coping with the aftermath can prove to be just as strenuous as the event itself.
With 3 million new cases of PTSD every year, the need for less devastating treatment is upon us.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) affects more than just the soldiers who put their lives on the line. PTSD is the product of an event that changes the chemistry of the brain. These events raise a person’s adrenaline and stress hormones to a hyper-responsive level. When the brain experiences this level of stress it can become difficult for the mind to forget. PTSD has three main symptoms: flashbacks, insomnia, and social isolation. Add all these symptoms together and you have a cocktail nobody wants anything to do with.

1 in 5 military personnel who have been deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq experience some form of PTSD.

As there is no cure for PTSD people must find ways to cope. As it stands currently, there is no medication developed specifically for PTSD. The negatives of this can be detrimental. Instead of being prescribed a single medication people will typically get prescribed two or three different medications.These medications can range from Adderall to Xanax, and even Oxycontin. All prescription drugs that can cause people to become dependent on them. Not cool man, not cool at all.

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) have been conducting studies on PTSD and CBD. The study has shed light on information about what PTSD changes in the brain and how to heal what has been done. People who experience PTSD showed depleted levels of Anandamide. Anandamide is created within the human body and has a substantial effect on the CB1 receptor, which is located in the brain. Low levels of Anandamide mean the CB1 receptor cannot operate at full capacity. Without the complete use of this receptor, it allows for flashbacks, insomnia, and anxiety.

Introducing CBD into the equation has proved to be a big help. CBD acts by increasing levels of Anandamide in the brain. Acting as a 'reuptake inhibitor' slowing down the process of breaking down this precious neurotransmitter. 

Even though PTSD continues to take a toll on our fellow man, there is promise in CBD. The future will bring with it a better understanding of handling this anxiety disorder. As long as we stay together and continue to educate ourselves, we shall overcome.


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mel crump
mel crump

September 01, 2017

had TBI in 63 had many problems anger, depression,isolation, started using marijuana in 72 most symptoms improved and life got better but still had trouble with reduced symptoms that remained started taking CBD oil 4 months ago and have really been feeling very good arthritis is better anger, depression, insomnia, and all related symptoms have gotten much better almost normal yea!!

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