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CBD and Dogs

August 22, 2017

CBD and Dogs

CBD and Dogs

When it comes to our furry family members we treat them as if they were another human. We want them to feel no pain, living a life full of joy and happiness. Unfortunately, the world can be cruel even to the sweetest of animals. Dogs experience the same effects of aging that you and I do. Open the flood gates for pharmaceuticals to start slinging pills to man’s best friend. No bueno.

With CBD gaining serious traction as a medicinal supplement for humans, we have come to see how beneficial it can be for dogs. Dogs have the same receptors that humans have. These receptors are spread throughout a dog's body just as they are for humans. These receptors help dogs just as much if not more than humans. For humans, CBD can relieve chronic pain, stop seizures, and even help us sleep better. For dogs, CBD offers relief from strains, sprains, swelling, and torn ligaments. This natural method of healing is the future.

Knowledge is the best way to change our direction. By staying on our current route we are driving our animals down a similar path. A path that us humans have been going down for some time. We need to learn from our mistakes so our dogs do not become victims. Of course there are exceptions to rules. I am not saying veterinarians are bad people, I am saying the system is flawed. The system has been flawed and will continue down this war path until we make a conscience decision to change it. Let the love for our animals be the driving force behind our decision.  

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